3x4 Series D RB to Type 100 Packfilm

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Using SLS printed Nylon, brass, and Baltic Birch components, we've created a No-Adjustment-Necessary adapter kit for the 3x4 Series D which includes the film holder. This means there's no fuss in adjusting your ground glass, removing the headache that normally is modifying these cameras.

Upon unbolting the native Graflex Film Back, our product mates up to the rotating ring*. This allows for full frame coverage in either Portrait or Landscape orientations.

Pricing: $280+ Shipping

acceptable core charge price reduction of $40 in exchange for a quality condition cb103 Film Holder**.

*Physical shape of Film holder does not allow for rotation unless unbolting holder to reorient

**must post own shipping for holder you are giving, not GUARANTEED to receive same holder in kit that you had shipped